Explore questions about life, faith, and God.

Do you have questions about God? Are you still trying to figure all this out? Alpha is the perfect place to ask those questions. Alpha is a safe, friendly environment where we discuss life's questions over a delicious meal.

Each session examines questions like: Who is Jesus? Why did he die? Why do we pray?

There's no pressure, no follow up, and no charge; it's just an open, informal, and honest environment to talk about life and faith.

Come on out and bring a friend!

If you'd like to sign up, or need more info before you come, fill out the form below and we'll help however we can!

Next Course

Our next course will be offered on Monday nights from 6PM-8PM, starting in April. The first night will be an introductory night where you can come check it out for yourself with no commitment.

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