Today’s Scripture Reading

Psalm 60:5-12 | John 8:12-30 | Judges 18-19

What is the SOAP study method?

SOAP is an acronym that stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer.


Read the Scripture or a passage of Scripture. Write it down in your journal. Or, when reading large passages, write down the main verse(s) of the passage that you will focus your attention upon.

O = Observation

Write your observations about the passage. How would you explain the Scripture if you were teaching it to someone else? Stop and think on the Scripture. Say it out loud. Try to uncover who was the passage written to? What are some key words that stand out in this passage? Are there any other Scriptures that this passage reminds you of or makes you think about? Are there any pictures, illustrations, stories, or object lessons that come to your mind when reading this Scripture? This is where we find the incredible, life changing truths that are in God’s scripture. When we observe and study His word the richness of God’s wisdom is displayed.

A = Application

How does this scripture apply in your life? What does this Scripture lead me to do? Why should I do it? What will be different if I live out the truths in this Scripture? The application part of the process is one of the most important and difficult steps. It is here that our habits, thoughts, and desires are challenged and changed to be more like Christ’s

P = Prayer

Pray for God to give you understanding of how He wants to use this Scripture. Ask Him to help you to hear and understand His Word and give you direction for your life. Remember to make sure you listen after you ask. Too often we don’t hear from God because as soon as the asking is done we walk away. God wants to speak to us but we have to be willing to listen.