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I'm New

New to Glad Tidings? We'd love to connect with you!


Welcome to Glad Tidings Church! We're excited that you decided to check us out!

We understand being a first time guest can be intimidating, but having an idea of what to expect can make all the difference!

Here at GT our services are composed of three main elements: teaching, worship, and children.

Our Sunday service begins at 10:30am and ends at 12:00pm. Our services consist of charismatic worship through music, a message brought by Rev. Paul Pattison, and usually a few creative elements sprinkled throughout. During our service we offer child care for children age 0-11.

Get more info on childcare here.

What to Expect

When you walk in you'll be welcomed by a smiling face and a hand shake. This person, or any person wearing a teal lanyard, can direct you to wherever you would like to go; whether you're looking for the main sanctuary, where to take your children, or where the coffee is.

Once you enter the main sanctuary one of our teal lanyard wearing ushers will help you find a seat. Feel free to mingle, grab a coffee, or go exploring until service begins at 10:30am.

Around 10:25am you will see a countdown on the screen indicating how much time you have left before the start of service (or how much time you have to refill your coffee).

We believe in the power of prayer and the working of the Holy Spirit, so the altar (the floor in front of the stage) is always open for ministry. Because of this the service may go past 12:00pm. However you will never feel pressured to stay late or leave early. The morning's speaker will give a soft dismissal around 12:00pm for anyone who needs to slip out, and the altars remain open for anyone who needs it.

If you're looking for more info on what GT is all about click right here to go to the "About Us" page.

If you have any questions about our services, programs, or anything else simply fill out the form below and we will respond as soon as we can!

Note: We promise we will not spam your email with updates or invitations