What to expect

What is the worship service like?
Generally the service begins with about 25 minutes of worship – you’re welcome to join in or just observe. You will hear some announcements about upcoming events, an offering will be collected and you will hear a message by one of our pastors. Please know that you are under no obligation to give when the offering plate is passed, and we really mean that. Giving is an act of worship for those who call Glad Tidings home. Communion is celebrated monthly. To participate in communion, you don’t have to be a member, but it is important that you have already made a decision to follow Christ.

How should I dress?
You’ll find that those who attend our services at Glad simply dress for comfort. Whether it’s denim, business casual, or something in between, we welcome each person to wear what feels most appropriate for the occasion and the season.

Are classes available for my children during the services?
In our family worship service the Kidz Zone children’s program begins at the same time as the adult worship service [10:30AM]. They may be signed in anytime after 10:15 AM and be collected at 12:00 Noon. There are also Nursery and Pre-school programs offered during the full length of the family worship service.

Nursery: Newborn to Age 2
Our Nursery Program is designed to serve parents and their children by providing a safe and welcoming environment for babies and toddlers. Volunteers are passionate about children, offering age appropriate curriculum to teach our little ones simple truths about God’s love.

For more info please contact Jennie Baker 506.858.1016 ext 14 or jennie@gtmoncton.com

Preschool: Ages 3 -4
Our Preschool Program is staffed with qualified teachers and helpers who have a special passion for parents and their young children. This ministry is designed to creatively engage children using songs, games, crafts, Bibles stories, and object lessons to effectively communicate God’s Word.

For more info please contact Jennie Baker 506.858.1016 ext 14 or jennie@gtmoncton.com